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National developers mostly finance their projects with commercial banks, rarely seeking alternatives sources of capital available for institutional-size deals:

  • development banks

  • private equity funds

  • insurance companies and pension funds

  • institutional investors, whether national or foreign.

Local finance expertise to apply for other sources of funding has been lacking until now, while the use of foreign consultants is somewhat problematic. Indeed, they are likely not to pick up on the nuances of the local market which is characterized by a systemic opacity, which exacerbate the information asymmetry. Beyond the funding of a project, the consultant must also be able to ascertain whether the construction timeline and the financial assumptions are realistic, in order to repay the loan as agreed upon and provide investors with their expected returns.


BlackLion's technical skills and experience in complex financing arrangements will allow them to present and negotiate the debt and equity funding of large real estate and infrastructure projects. BlackLion is able to help with the following financing structures:

  • first and second mortgages

  • syndicated loans and inter-creditor agreements
  • preferred equity
  • equity syndication and shareholder agreements
  • payment waterfall
  • credit enhancements, including for bond financing
  • sale and leaseback
  • securitization.


Please contact us to discuss which options are available to you.

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